So #GYALCAST, a Toronto collective of creative Black women, and VICE had an art show. And it was beautiful. Not just the art, some of which you can see below, but the spirit. Centering black women in art is not a common thing- I am quite used to entering gallery showings and art spaces and being one of a handful of people of color period, much less black women. But to come into a space where black women dominated, and the energy was all love? A beautiful thing.

I wish I’d gotten better pics (I could blame the free (!!!) Henny, but it’s really just my phone lol), but if you see something that intrigues you, look up the artists. I have my eye on the girl blowing a kiss at the camera, myself.

Click the IG post below to catch a vibe.


#art #blackgirlmagic #TheGyallery

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