Watch this video.

Viola Davis has a discussion with Tom Hanks and around 30:31, which is awesome and if you want to just hear to people who are excellent at their jobs talk about it, you should listen. But around 30:31, they start to talk about fear, and Viola quotes Lisa Nichols, who you can see here, and paraphrases her, saying “If you’re afraid to dive, just dive afraid.”

Now I didn’t go into that video expecting to get A Word. I really just stan for Viola Davis (since King Hedley, fam), and the prospect of listening to the Bay Area’s Finest, Tom Hanks and Viola was enough for me.

This year saw a shift in my spirit. I’ve felt defensiveness seeping back into my decision making, and that goes against my nature. I have always been proactive, decisive- even on the fly. This year though- this year, I’ve spent a good portion of the year waiting for “something.” Now, I’ve always averred that my decision making process has improved over the years- no more eloping to foreign countries on a whim, or skipping interviews with law firms to go on vacation lol- but I have always had the ability to see through the uncertainty, and focus on my goal. And then life seemed uncertain, and fear started to sap my energy and permeate my thoughts.

The ship has righted itself, somewhat, and while the pressure still exists, a new job and some personal centering did wonders. But I still have decisions to make, personally and professionally, that involve a bit of discipline AND more than a little of the unknown.

I’ll be okay though. Time to step onto the platform.

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