I always feel a bit of a let down after Caribana. Carnival Tabanca? Yes, that’s part of it. But it’s more than that. I think it’s suddenly realizing that 8 months of the year have gone by and realizing that while certain things have come to fruition, there’s always so much more to do. As a parent, as a partner, as a person- it’s like “What happened?” I tend to live very in the moment, and that’s always going to be part of my personality, but it’s a double edged sword. I’m pretty chill, and I’m not suddenly going to turn into some “A” personality, intense type, but I feel like I need to live more consciously.

2016 has kind of been trash, if we’re honest. This year has seen the inexplicable rise of Donald Trump and overt racism, some disheartening deaths of black people, famous or otherwise, and while it’s clear that things could get better, there are quite a few folks for whom this latest incarnation of our collective reality suits them just fine, and that’s scary.

Toronto in the summer is the reason we put up with the rest of the tomfoolery Toronto weather is the rest of the year. There are SO many festivals/concerts/parties/patios to enjoy, it really makes you forget that in 3 months, you are going to take the long route to work because you don’t have to be outside if you take the PATH.

I’m also feeling like I need inspiration in the kitchen. I love to cook, and really, once you know a few basic techniques, you can throw anything together, and I do hate buying random ingredients that I will never, ever use again for just one recipe. But I need to expand my horizons and I’ve been dreaming of preserved lemon, so it’s time to re-up on cookbooks and whatnot.

This month (and a week) is seeing another year for some of my favorite people. So shoutout to Jasmine, Caspar, Bo, Alba, and my younger brother Jesse. May you all get everything you need and most of what you want.