I would have straightened my back sooner. Slouching didn’t make me look shorter or cooler, it just made me look uncomfortable.

I would have pushed harder to do theater before college. I also would not have wasted 3 years of school pretending to do something else when that’s all I really showed up for.

I would have thought twice before taking those pictures. But I still would have done them. 😀

I would have kept the baby and given back the ring.

I’d listen to myself more instead of dismissing my own intuition.

I’d have bought those shoes and that dress. 5 years, and I still think about them…smdh.

I’d have kept writing after I got sick. I loved it, and now it terrifies me that I might not have anything to say.

I wouldn’t have gone upstairs with you.

I would not have gone to her for my first weave. I lost 4 inches of hair.

I’d have joined them breakdancing next door. They saw me doing it by myself in the driveway and asked me to join and I was embarrassed, so I said no.

I would have told your mama.

I would have stayed in NY. I hated Lansing. Even if the money was better, it wasn’t worth the drama and I don’t think the Midwest is for me.

I’d have left the first time.

I’d have had that last rib.